Modern and interactive, or "old-style" and a little nostalgic, museums dedicated to motors are a must stop for every true enthusiast.

This is why Italy of motors is also Italy of museums dedicated to motors that recount the history of national motor excellences.
From "corporate" museums, where great brands retrace their history from the foundation to the present, to museums as Volandia, dedicated to the recovery of the origins of Italian aeronautics heritage.
Places of memory, of exciting discoveries and of pride for both the past and present.

"As in all genuine great stories, the moment arrives when you evaluate and rediscover the roots to continue looking to the future".

the places


Year by year, the dates and essential moments that have contributed to writing the Italian motor history.

From the creation of the first motors to the present day, Italian history has gone hand in hand with the technological development and the changes regarding design experienced by the motor, motorcycling and aeronautics industries. In the Motor Web Museum timeline, a year by year history develops of the passionate bond between the Italian Peninsula and the motors and production and industrial excellences it has generated. A unanimous and fascinating history, involving all the realities connected to the "National Network of Motor Cities".

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National Network of Motor Cities project

The National Network of Motor Cities was created to offer an innovative tourist experience to Italian motoring culture enthusiasts. The project aims at promoting Italy as the cradle of absolute excellence, recognised worldwide for technology, design and personalities and as protagonist of the technical and aesthetic development of one of the revolutionary cornerstones of the Twentieth century as the production of cars, motorcycles and more generally, motorised vehicles.