Maranello is part of the Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori (National Motor Cities Network) thanks to its indissoluble bond with Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari moves his car industry to Maranello in 1943, which after the war begins to produce the legendary “reds” with the Prancing Horse logo. Many years have gone by, but the dream lives on. Near the Maranello industrial works, the same ones as then, there are still racing and Grand Turismo Ferrari cars taking form. Over time many new spaces have been added. Among these is the famous Wind Tunnel designed by Renzo Piano and the Ferrari Museum, which gathers thousands of fans each year. Ferrari and Maranello: two names, just one emotion. One passion that strikes in unison, with the bells of the San Biagio church that ring in joy every time the Prancing Horse cars bring in another victory.  All around are hilly vales and culinary delights which have witnessed the blossoming of a legend of speed and innovative design.

This land has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, then conquered by the Romans. Maranello is located in the Modenese hills and combines a typical agricultural countryside with the most advanced industrial plants. It is criss-crossed by Via Giardini, built by the Estense Duchy to connect Modena to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, it is the site of a castle from the 16th century which is now private property. Known since the 19th century as a great place for holidaying due to its position on prime hills, Maranello is the place where balsamic vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese) and Prosciutto di Modena DOP (Modena ham) are produced.


Ferrari Museum

The Maranello Ferrari Museum is the city’s main attraction. It tells the legend of the Prancing Horse in history, thanks to a permanent exhibition and thematic sections. There are many attractions for visitors, among them a Cinema Hall with continuous projection of thematic films, semi-professional simulators, and a Ferrari pit wall, as well as the Ferrari store and the inviting café.

The historic entrance of Ferrari's factory in Maranello.

ferrari ingresso storico

Monument representing the "Unbridled Horse".

14 maggio mille milia 002

The auditorium dedicated to Enzo Ferrari.

auditorium enzo ferrari

The "Notte Rossa" ("Red night") in Maranello.

notte rossa

Fans celebrating a victory of Ferrari in Maranello.

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