Aprilia in the Piaggio Group

aprilia piaggio

In 2004, Aprilia entered the Piaggio Group, giving a positive boost to production and inaugurating a lucky season of victories that came to fruition two years later.

After the transition from bicycles to mopeds, after its debut and successes in national and international competitions, after its affirmation in the scooter sector, the early Zero years set a new stage in the world of Aprilia. In fact, in 2004, the company and its subsidiaries entered the Piaggio Group, into which Gilera and Derbi were already absorbed.

Therefore, the fourth most important industrial group in the manufacturing of two-wheel vehicles was born, with an annual production of 600,000 pieces. This novelty was a benefit for Aprilia. The Piaggio Group, in fact, immediately aimed at strengthening the position of the company in Noale in the motorcycle and scooter segments. The goal was to make Aprilia the only European “full liner” two-wheel manufacturer of 50 cm3 to 1000 cm3 vehicles, to further develop its brand identity.

Pertaining to the Piaggio Group allowed Aprilia to also face a decisive developmental phase in the medium and large motorcycle sector. In addition, following the reorganization of the racing segment, in April 2006 Aprilia experienced its record season with six world titles. The young Spaniards, Jorge Lorenzo and Alvaro Bautista, also won the Riders' Championship, respectively for the 250 and 125, and lead their bikes to double Constructors' titles. In addition, in the Super Moto World Championship, the French rider Van Den Bosch was World Champion, while Aprilia won as among best Constructors. In 2012, the Group achieved 101 world titles.