Aprilia and the scooter segment

aprilia scooter

In April 1990, Aprilia produced the “Amico”, the first urban scooter made entirely of plastic, then followed by other lucky models, such as the Scarabeo range.

Aprilia’s story is not just about national and international competitions. The name of the company in Noale, in fact, is also connected to the vehicle sector for urban mobility. Again, in this case, the creativity and the unconventionality of the Aprilia brand proved to be the keys to success.

A significant year for this sector was 1990, when Aprilia produced its first entirely plastic scooter, the “Amico”. From then on, it was the turn of the true product legend of the company: the “Scarabeo”. Twenty years earlier, in 1970, the first cross version with the same name created a furore. With a subsequent remodeling, the “Scarabeo” became an urban scooter and its range was gradually expanded. Today, it is available in 50 cm3 to 500 cm3, alongside successful models, such as the “Sportcity”.

The production of scooters joins with the production of motorcycles with a strong technical, stylistic, and innovative content. Among them, the Aprilia Shiver 750, the world’s first series motorcycle equipped with a “ride-by-wire” electronic gas control, and the Mana 850, the first motorcycle launched on the market with an electronically controlled automatic transmission.