Engine world events in Modena

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From March to September, Modena hosts a range of motoring events beyond the usual schedule of events at the racetrack.

There is a yearly Modena schedule of events for two and four wheelers to honour the long-term ties between Modena and engines. The new racetrack on the outskirts of the city hosts a range of events near the race-route. “Modena Terra di Motori” is the initiative dedicated to the exhibition of prestigious vintage vehicles in the historic centre, and takes place every year in May.

June is the month for “Modena Cento Ore Classic” (one hundred hours classic), an international speed and regularity race for vintage cars. It’s a unique event in Italy: racing cars from all around the world challenge each other on the track and have special tryouts until the finish line in the Piazza Grande, heart of the city.

Finally, the event “Modena Motor Gallery” takes place every September at the Fairground area. It's a trading exhibition with vintage cars and motorcycles from Italy and abroad. Technically it’s one of the most important events related to the motorsport world, where it is possible to meet commercial executives, handicrafts workers, editors, or even buy or exchange spare parts and memorabilia.