Maserati and the Orsi family

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Modenese Adolfo Orsi is the person who took over Maserati in 1937, ensuring its move to Modena: having started from nothing, he involved the whole family in his entrepreneurial activities.

Maserati’s move from Bologna to Modena happened after the acquisition of the Trident carmaking company by entrepreneur Adolfo Orsi. Born in 1888, he started from nothing and managed to prove himself in the iron and steel branch of the industrial sector between the 20’s and 30’s.

Assisted by his brother Marcello and his sisters Ida and Bruna, his brothers-in-law and subsequently his son Omer, he began to carry out activities in various sectors, in particular the automotive sector. He started off with a Fiat dealership and progresses to Maserati in 1937. The acquisition of the Trident company from the Maserati brothers aimed to give prestige to the entrepreneurial activities of the Orsi family, without forgetting the plan of a future series production of cars.

Over the years, the Maserati company will have various owners, including Alejandro de Tomaso.Orsi’s nephew, Adolfo Jr. – remembered for having baptised many four-door Maserati carz with racetrack names – is today one of the most important international experts in restoration and auction of historical vehicles.