The Moto Guzzi Museum

Guzzi museo interno

In 1977 a group of enthusiasts laid the foundation for the future Moto Guzzi Museum: over 150 unique pieces that run along the history of a legend.

The history of the Moto Guzzi Museum came into being in 1977. Everything began thanks to a group of passionate enthusiasts, journalists and workers who complete the first setup. The historic Guzzi exemplars were first exhibited in 1982, one day a week. Under direction of De Tomaso, in 1984 the firm decided to keep the Museum open on working days.

The Moto Guzzi Museum was set up inside the factory premises: today it boasts a collection of over 150 pieces ranging from production motorcycles, test prototypes, engines and sports cars. Some of the most important pieces are the mythical 8 cylinders, the record-breaking V7 and the Dingo Cross on which Patrignani toured 7,500 km in Africa. The historical, technical and cultural heritage is exhibited in chronological order, thus telling the story of the Guzzi legend. An absolute imperative journey that crowns the “guzzine” itinerary of Mandello, located just after the monument to Carlo Guzzi in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci and the workshop in Via Cavour 8, where he built his first motorcycle.