The inverted flight of Ca113

CA113 1

On the 28th August 1933 the Ca113 piloted by Tito Falconi achieved the record for inverted flight: after the war, his compressor would become the engine of the Vespa Piaggio.

The Volandia exhibition includes a model of the Caproni Ca113, one of the most famous aerobatic airplanes built between the two world wars. About 20 years have passed since the first tests carried out by Officine Caproni, and the new model was finally ready to establish a new record. On the 28th August 1933 Lt. Tito Falconi, aboard the Ca113, achieved the record for inverted flight from St. Louis to Chicago, covering 420 km in 3 hours, 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

The record-breaking aircraft also hides another interesting fact. During its construction, it was equipped with a seven-cylinder 7 Piaggio P. VIII radial aircraft engine, manufactured by the Italian company Rinaldo Piaggio S.p.A. The starting system of the Ca113 used a Piaggio compressor. Since 1945, this very component has been developed to be used as engine for the Vespa: the famous motorcycle was created by Piaggio as a result of the industrial conversion from aircraft manufacturing to production of civilian motorcycles.