Giuseppe Gabardini and his seaplane

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In 1913 Giuseppe Gabardini designed and tested the first seaplane in history, and then founded a flight school and an aircraft manufacturing plant the following year.

Another milestone in the history of aviation was the construction of the first seaplane. The year was 1913 and the person who had the intuition was Giuseppe Gabardini. He applied to his aircraft a couple of floats and, in December of the same year, took off from Sesto Calende in Rome and stopped in Genoa and Livorno.

However, the name Gabardini was not only bound to his seaplane. The following year he set up a flight school in the moorland of Cameri (NO) and, right next to it, he founded an aircraft manufacturing factory. Finally, in 1914 he reached another goal: a flight over the Monte Rosa made with Landini as a pilot and in collaboration with professor Lampugnani. The maximum height reached was 4,300 meters, and the plane was the so-called “Gabardini Alpi”.