Verrone is part of the Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori (National Motor Cities Network), since it is the site of a Lancia plant that was inaugurated in 1974. The brand’s fourth site, founded for the construction of gearboxes, it specialized its production over the years, until it signed a joint venture in 2000 with GM Powertrain. Among the Lancia models for which the Verrone plant has produced gearboxes and components are the Beta, Fulvia, Thema, and Croma. When it was founded, the plant changed the fate of the city, which is embedded in the landscape of the Alps of Biella and that, up until that time, was mainly dedicated to textile production. Due to its particular position, in 2010 the factory was chosen for the application of the Fiat Biodiversity Value Index, in order to study the biodiversity in the Reserve of Baragge, where it is located.

Verrone's castle

Verrone Castello
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