The ASI Moto Show of Varano

D2 Agostini Poggiali Spencer Capirossi

Every year, in May, the Varano Racetrack hosts the ASI Moto Show, an event dedicated to vintage motorcycles crowned by the usual Parade of Champions.

Historic motorcycle enthusiasts surely know that every year, in May, the "Riccardo Paletti" Racetrack in Varano hosts the ASI Moto Show. The free entrance allows the public to see a real "moving Museum", animated by motorbikes of every kind and age. In fact, open to all motorcycles manufactured before 1994 with an ASI or FIVA identity certificate, in original condition and of historical and cultural importance.

And so every May, for a few days, the Varano circuit turns into a roaring and colourful celebration dedicated to motorcycles, with about 1,000 vehicles every year. The special guests include motorcycles of the early 1900s, powerful racing motorbikes of the '80s and '90s and models that have shaped the history, up to the rarest prototypes.

The culmination of the event arrives on Sunday, with the legendary Parade of Champions. Here, the true champions of the past are back on track, riding their two-wheeled rides, whizzing and bending on the asphalt. Over the years various legendary personalities participated in the parade, such as Giacomo Agostini, Freddie Spencer, Phil Read, Jim Readman, Carlo Ubbiali and Pierfancesco Chili.