The Mugello road track and its variants

ITA Mugello 1966

The original route of the Mugello road track ran for 67 km along mountain trails: it was then reduced to a ring of 19 km known as "Little Mugello Circuit".

At the base of the Mugello road circuit, the first opened in 1914, there are difficulties and bitterness. The chosen streets are nothing but mule tracks carved on the sides of the Apennines, rarely travelled by horse carriages.

The races took place on the original, 67 km long route that started from San Piero a Sieve or, as happened in the last five editions, from Scarperia. Through the Giogo pass, the cars came down in Fiorenzuola turning left up to join the via Bolognese in the locality of La Casetta. There, the ascent started that led to the Futa pass before descending past Villa Le Maschere and the Villa of Cafaggiolo, returning in San Piero a Sieve. And away, ready for another lap.

The original route of 1914 was respected in all races of the 1920s with the exception of the 1925 race, that took place on a ring reduced by 19 km and developed around Barberino di Mugello, for a total of 20 laps. In this shorter route, the race started at the crossroads for Ghiereto. From there, once it crossed Barberino, the track moved towards Montecarelli where, pointing southward through a leg of via Bolognese, reached Villa Le Maschere. Here, turning right, the track returned to Ghiereto. This variant, known as the Little Mugello Circuit, was used only in 1925 and in 1955.