The Fiat FMA plant

fma pratola 1440x564 c

In the 1990s, the Pratola Serra factory became the seat of the FMA plant, designed to build engines for all Fiat models.

Over the years, the establishment in Pratola Serra reinvented itself. Once the joint venture between Nissan and Alfa Romeo ended from which the Arna and Alfa 33 models were born - Fiat entered the scene. In 1994, on the same site as Alfa Romeo Nissan SpA, the FM plant was constructed.

The goal was to manufacture engines for all Fiat models and for some Opel and Saab models, for over 150 variants, and for a full production capacity of 2,700 units per day. The plant reached a staff of 1,655, of which 204 were employees and 1,451 were workers, with an average age of 33.