Paglieta, solidarity passes through engines

paglieta solidarieta

The "Motopercorso Nazionale di Solidarietà" - National Motorcycle Ride for Solidarity - takes place every year in the province of Chieti and passes through Paglieta: the goal is to raise funds and help the children of Borneo.

Since 2007, in the month of June in Paglieta, engines rhyme with solidarity. Part of the province of Chieti is involved in the annual National Motorcycle Ride for Solidarity for the children of Borneo. It starts from Fossacesia and arrives in Roselo. Paglieta, being the City of Motors, is an important stop for motorcycle riders. Among other things, the ride is accompanied by a bishop biker, Monsignor Giulio Mencuccini. So far, with the money raised thanks to this initiative, six schools and four convents have been built in Borneo.