The Etruscan names of Mazzanti Automobili

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Antas, Vulca, Evantra: the three main models of Mazzanti Automobili derive their names from the Etruscan culture to underline the deep connection between the business and the area it operates in.

Considering the names that have been given to the models, the heart of Mazzanti Automobili is revealed to be 100% Tuscan. Antas, Vulca and Evantra are in fact taken from the Etruscan culture and underline the business’s bond with the cultural heritage of its own area.
In 2006 it is Antas’s turn, the first car launched by F&M – Mazzanti’s progenitor company – and is presented at the Top Marques Monaco Show. The name chosen for this hand-crafted and customisable Berlinetta, based on the 1966 Maserati Quattroporte, means “eagle”. Another inspiration for Vulca, presented in 2008 at the Salone del Lusso (luxury motor show) in Vicenza and produced in only 99 pieces. Its name is a tribute to the coroplastic artist from the town of Veii, the only Etruscan artist whose name has reached to this day.
The Antas and Vulca models are received with positive acclaim, and have features worthy of a supercar: a top speed of 335 km/h and only 3.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h. In any case, the masterpiece arrived in 2013 in the spoils of the Evantra model: a new line where the past communicates more boldly with modern and futuristic forms. And maybe the success of Evantra is already written in its name – the same one the Etruscan people used to call the Goddess of Immortality.