The Modena runway-racetrack

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In 1949 a racetrack that incorporates an airstrip was built in Modena, and remained active until 1962: now the site is a park dedicated to Enzo Ferrari, whilst a new racetrack has surfaced at the gates of the city.

“Mi puoi portare a casa questa sera? Abito fuori Modena, Modena Park” (Can you take me home tonight? I live outside Modena, Modena Park), Vasco Rossi sang in “Colpa d'Alfredo” (Alfredo’s Fault). The Modena Park where the song is set is now called Enzo Ferrari Park. In the past it was a place devoted to engines.

It is actually here, on this vast space a few kilometres away from the city centre, that the racetrack was built in 1949. The new construction was conceived so that the track could serve as a runway for commercial flights as well as racetrack for international car and motorcycle races. But it was also designed to be used as test track for the three carmakers in Modena: Ferrari, Maserati and Stanguellini.

Remaining in use until 1962, the racetrack with its runway facility has also been used in later years for motorcycle races and motorsport exhibitions. It was abandoned during the 1970s. Modena has a new racetrack now, built recently at the gates of the city.