The Maserati factory today

Maserati fabbrica credit Maserati

In 2003 Maserati’s historic factory in Modena was enriched with a new business district: the total surface is now 50,000 sqm.

Since Maserati established itself in Modena it never changed sites. The production lines are in the same historical pavilions built in the second half of the 1930s, still fully intact from the outside, but restructured internally. In the pavilions in the front of the production line there is an area dedicated to engine running and testing – with six testing benches – and transmission assemblage.

On the side there is a area dedicated to engine checking and running. In fact, every Maserati is tested on the road for several hundred kilometres before being awarded the approval for delivery to the client. On re-entry, the cars are passed to the finishing department, an authentic “aseptic clinic” where every detail is checked before authorising the shipping to the international dealer network.

Today the whole surface of the industrial estate of Maserati in Modena is 50,000 sqm, 30,000 of which are indoor space. In 2003 the new business district was completed, consisting of a 9-floor tower and a block of offices with crystal mirrors. The whole of the Maserati complex also includes a big building designed for staff parking, clad in panels with silhouettes of the most well-known models of Maserati across time: sports cars on the right, road cars on the left, Maserati logo in the middle. 

The showroom on the ground floor of the block of offices is also part of the renovation. Architect Ron Arad has designed the ultimate first contact with the Maserati world. This space hosts series models, sports and road cars, an exhibition of colours and leather for car interiors. The ceremony for the handover of cars to clients also takes place here. The architecture is characterised by a circular element, a “loop” that dominates the scene, obtained from modelling software and implemented by composite materials.