Maserati colours


Blue and red, blue only, white and blue: colours always hide different symbols, here are the ones hidden behind the shades of the Trident.

The Maserati colours and the Trident symbol have been inspired by Bologna, first company headquarters. Red and blue are the banner fillers of the Emilian regional capital. Both link Maserati to the world of races in their own way.

Historically, Maserati cars have always run with the red livery, a colour which represented all of Italy at the beginning of the century. It isn’t a coincidence that Ferrari, FIAT and Alfa Romeo were also running under this colour. From 2004, when the Trident carmaker returned to racing events after a long retirement, the blue of its logo was adopted to distinguish it from the red that had become the symbol for Ferrari programmes. Beyond that, let’s not forget that blue is also one of Modena’s colours, Maserati’s definitive headquarters. The second of the city’s colours, yellow, remains in the Ferrari domain, as it was chosen by the Drake as background colour for his Prancing Horse.

Finally, blue always returns with white in the livery of the Maserati sports cars. In this case, Bologna and Modena have nothing to do with it. Blue and white are in fact the U.S. national colours paraded by Briggs Cunningham and the Camoradi racing team that deployed the Birdcage Tipo 60-61 in the years 1960 – 1961, achieving victory in two editions of the 1000 Km Nürburgring.

With white and blue livery, the success obtained by Stirling Moss in the Cuba GP, again on a Tipo 61, remains memorable. The white livery with two blue stripes can be seen again in 2002 when the Maserati Trofeo makes its first appearance on the Fiorano racetrack.