Cittadella Ferrari: Best Place to Work in Europe

ferrari stabilimento 01

The New Sport Management is the latest in a range of participations signed by great architects who have turned the Ferrari industrial plant into a green, luminous and inviting working environment.

Since its foundation, the Ferrari company was able to expand and innovate itself. Now it covers a surface of 500,000 sqm and the last intervention took place in 2016: a new Gestione Sportiva (racing department) building for the assemblage of the Formula 1 single-seaters designed by the French studio Wilmotte & Associés. This intervention is nothing but the cherry on the cake of the “Cittadella Ferrari” project, a series of interventions that aimed to turn the factory into an organic architectural complex. The project started in the 1990s, summoning prestigious architects who have left their mark in Maranello.

The first intervention was the Wind Tunnel, designed by Renzo Piano in 1997. Next came Luigi Sturchio, author of the Nuova Logistica (new logistics division), the heart of new sports logistics. On the other hand, Marco Visconti has created a luminous pavillion for the Lavorazioni Meccaniche Motori (Mechanical Workshop), whereby a series of green areas contribute to the micro-climate of the working environment, making it aesthetically pleasing. The attention paid to the working conditions is also reflected in the painting pavillion (Padiglione Verniciatura), where contact with the materials is minimised, and in the Corporate Restaurant, which is enchanting, relaxing and very luminous. They all bear Visconti’s signature.

The renovation continues with the Development Centre designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, an example of bioclimatic architecture on four levels, connected by transparent roads and walkways intended to convey lightness and luminosity. Finally the Pavillion for New Assembly Lines (Padiglione Nuove Linee di Montaggio), signed by Jean Nouvel, resumes the same philosophy of combining luminous and transparent spaces with green areas.

All the buildings wind around the Enzo Ferrari lane, which runs along the entire citadel, on which converge the other lanes named after great Ferrari racing drivers. Natural light, air conditioning, low impact on the environment, safety, noise control, real areas of restoration outside and inside the buildings are the fundamental characteristics which led Ferrari to win the prize of Best Place to Work in Europe.