The monument to Gilles Villeneuve

fiorano gilles villeneuve

In 1983 Fiorano dedicated a monument to Prancing Horse driver Gilles Villeneuve, deceased a year earlier due to a terrible accident on the Zolder track.

May 8th, 1982. On the Zolder circuit, the qualifying races for the Belgium Grand Prix. Gilles Villeneuve was 32 years old and at the top of his career, but he did not know that it would be his last race. A serious collision during the last try lap actually took away the life of the young racing driver and Ferrari champion.

A year later, thanks to the interest of a group of local fans and Enzo Ferrari’s own wishes, Fiorano created a commemorative monument to celebrate the Canadian champion. Sculpted by Ugo Cavazzuti, it is located at the entrance of the Ferrari experimental track, the access road to it being renamed “Via Gilles Villeneuve”. Still today, particularly on the anniversary of his death, the monument is a meeting point of fans and enthusiasts who pay their respects to the brave and unforgettable racing car driver.