The Lamborghini Tractors

B Ferruccio Lamborghini in sella al suo famoso trattore Carioca LUCIANOBITELLI

Having had success in 1951 with his Carioca tractor made out of war remnants, Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Trattori Lamborghini (Lamborghini Tractors).

Not everyone knows that Ferruccio Lamborghini made a name for himself as tractor builder before becoming a famous builder of luxury cars. In the second half of post-war time, having survived the conflict, Ferruccio returned to his native Cento, where he resumed dedicating his time to his passion: engine building.

At the close of 1947, he decided to produce a new economical and powerful tractor initially made from war remnants. He bought some “old war-time iron” near an  A.R.A.R. camp (company for the acquisition of residual war materials) and got working on it. On the 3rd February 1948 the “Carioca” tractor was ready: an army surplus van sawn off behind the second row of seats, without a roof, equipped with a Morris engine.

Having emerged battered from war, the agricultural segment of Emilia had a desperate need of tractors and agrarian machinery. The farmers of the area liked the prototype model and there was a good response. He began to receive new orders and soon there was regular production. The initiative resulted in the foundation of Ferruccio’s first enterprise, Trattori Lamborghini (Lamborghini Tractors), which opened in Cento on Via Ferrarese street in 1951.