Nuvolari's Turtle

picchiani barlacchi stefano casati 1252 1

In 1932, D’Annunzio gave a small golden turtle to Nuvolari, which he would then make his personal symbol: “to the fastest man, the slowest animal”.

Who would have ever thought that the symbol dearest to Tazio Nuvolari would be a turtle? In the early 1930s, when his popularity as the fastest driver reached its peak, the slowest of animals became his special lucky charm.

The turtle was a gift. In 1932, Gabriele D’Annunzio invited the champion from Mantua to the Vittoriale - the Shrine of Italian Victories - and handed him a small golden turtle. This will become his inseparable amulet: pinned on his racing shirt, printed on letter paper, painted on the side of his personal plane, reproduced in small copies and, in turn, given to his friends or important people as a gift.