The Safe Driving Center


The Aci - Sara Vallelunga Safe Driving Center teaches you how to deal with danger situations that may arise when driving a vehicle.

Not just the starting point of Alfa Romeo’s history, Arese is also home to an important safe driving center. It is the Aci - Sara Vallelunga Center, with entry at Lainate, a must for enthusiasts of two-wheel or four-wheel driving.

The Center employs modern technologies for training drivers of all types of vehicles: not just cars, motorcycles, and scooters, but also industrial vehicles, campers, vans, and buses. During classes, the most important dangerous situations in driving are safely simulated. These include aquaplaning, sudden obstacles, poor visibility, or poor adherence to asphalt.

This will allow participants to effectively learn how to best control their vehicles, as well as protect themselves as drivers and also their passengers.