The 60s

The formidable "sixties" are a division in the history of motors: a decade of technological and design innovations, while the winds of modernisation that blow in society influence even the choices of car manufacturing companies and the image of motor sport. For the first time, Hollywood takes an interest in the racing world, celebrating the adrenalin and the glamour side, while new brands and models emerge, destined to change the concept of a sports car forever. There is also no lack of great two-wheeler challenges, as the famous 1966 African crossing, made by the journalist Roberto Patrignani riding his Moto Guzzi.

Alongside the challenges and new ideas that open new frontiers to explore for the motor world, the Sixties is also a moment in which enthusiasts begin to reflect on the history and on the existence of a motor culture. It is exactly in this period that the first examples of museums collecting vintage cars emerge, with the aim of preserving and handing down the events of the pioneering era of motors.