Early 20th Century

Thirty years of impetuous development. Therefore we can summarise the first glimpse of the twentieth century in the motor and aeronautics industry. The growing interest of all the social classes for the marvels of quick mobility and with mechanical propulsion and the active policies of governments in this period throughout the West, lead shortly to a continuous succession of new inventions that uninterruptedly change paradigms.

There is also a World War in the middle of it bringing investments and a strong demand of increasingly evolved and efficient vehicles; very soon, the new technological solutions become a part of the motor industry even in peacetime, enabling prodigious steps forward. The transition from the first aircraft with wooden structures to planes with high-performing steel structures is quick; from the first racing car prototypes, motor sport starts to invent circuits to hold ever more frequent and diffused races between modernly -organised stables, able to put fast and stable cars on the track; from the first still awkward models, motorcycles become elegant and powerful, true pieces of industrial design.