1930s to 50s

Once more, a World War and subsequent peace - this time, much longer lasting in the Western world – is the driving force of a new season of technological developments in the motor industry. The period spanning the conflict is a golden age for the flourishing of manufacturers and products destined to become global brands. Italy discovers it can not only apply its technological knowledge to the motor industry, but also its special talent for creating beautiful and appreciated things, which, several decades later will be indicated with the term "Made in Italy".

At the end of the 50s, the motor world has changed forever: the mass production of four and two-wheeled vehicles starts, motorising Italians, projecting them into a previously unknown dimension of independence and freedom; luxury sports cars are an increasing market in which Italian manufacturers dominate, car and motorcycling competitions become real world championships where great international companies challenge each other and the new adrenalin and speed stars shine: the drivers and racers.